Organizational Development 

As we work with businesses, academic institutions, professional and scientific societies, faith groups, and nonprofits, we take a comprehensive approach to creating interventions that provoke lasting cultural change. Because dynamics vary a great deal by industry and organization, we tailor our workshops closely to the context in which we are working. Our major areas of focus are below. 

Preventing Sexual Harassment 

Moving beyond covering the basics of legal compliance, we address the cultural beliefs that can contribute to problematic behavior within organizations. In addition, we work to ensure that all levels of management are informed about the issue and understand clearly when and how to take action. 

Workplace Fairness

Cultivating organizational cultures of fairness, and respect is a vital step toward mitigating problems that arise from hostility and harassment before they become liabilities. A positive organizational culture is a key driver for an engaged, committed, and dynamic workforce that is able to attract and retain diverse talent.​

Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

In our work with organizations around differences in race, ethnicity, national origin, gender and gender expression, class, and sexual orientation, we focus on transforming an organization's culture from one that functions in spite of difference to one that leverages difference-- and thrives as a result. 

Organizational development work includes: 


Using techniques ranging from brief surveys to in-depth focus groups, listening sessions, and/or interviews, we gather information about the dynamics of an organization. Additionally, we analyze risk factors and take account of how the culture of the industry or field may be impacting organizational dynamics.

Policy and program development, strategic planning
Operationalizing the information gathered in the assessment phase, we create a plan for how to instill necessary changes in the organization. This phase can include strategic planning, policy creation and implementation, training for management, and program development. It can also include tailored training for personnel at all levels of the organization.  


Engagement of Leadership & Management
We believe that leadership sets the tone for effective intervention. Whether it means educating leaders on these topics or simply offering advice and support as it is needed, we offer coaching as part of our packages and as a standalone offering. This can cover a range of topics including: education around the issues and how they manifest in organizational settings, handling disclosures, responding to crisis scenarios, and creating accountability as a leader. 


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