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Photograph of Ariana Gil
Ariana Gil
Senior Consultant

Ariana Gil is an organizational development consultant with over a decade of experience in creating inclusive and diverse spaces, structures and systems that uplift underserved populations and communities of color. She is a queer, bi-racial Latinx woman, originally from Tijuana, Mexico. From the rooftop of her childhood home Ariana had a clear view of the western tip of the US/Mexico border and the green and white patrol cars that left their zig-zag prints across the sand. Seeing at close range what happens when we build walls to separate instead of bridges to unite planted in her a lifelong commitment to work towards liberation in all its many forms. 

Ariana is committed to advancing equity through a lens of intersectionality, interconnectedness, and shared leadership and believes we are most effective and productive in environments that foster growth and encourage us to bring our best and most complete selves. The thoughtful creation of those spaces, practices, and structures is a skill she thrilled to contribute to the world and to the communities she serves. 

Over the past decade Ariana has led and supported spaces that are multi-cultural, multi-issue, and often multilingual. She has employed shared leadership models that required collaboration with a broad scope of players and stakeholders from grassroots community groups to government agencies and large scale non-profits. 

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