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The experience of being coached through an equity lens is as unique as the identities you carry. Equity coaching can complement any current personal or professional coaching, or stand on its own. As you uncover deeper layers of understanding that challenge old or limiting behavior and beliefs, I support how to organize your thinking, feelings, and action. 

Our identities are complex and often intersecting, from gender and sexual orientation to race, religion, age, physical ability and more. Bringing an equity lens to our coaching session allows us to unmask the ways your identities impact your life and relationships at several levels – personal, interpersonal, institutional/systematic and cultural. 

For Leadership & Management


When it comes to how people with different identities and lived experiences are treated in an organization, leadership sets the tone. This work can include equity coaching on the impacts of racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and the dynamics of sexual harassment, as well as guidance in how to implement effective organizational and cultural change around these issues. 


Our approach is for leaders who are ready for the challenge of engaging in reflective work. We work with senior management, business owners, administrators, and other leaders to help them understand the issues that impact their organizations and how to effectively intervene when necessary. Our goal is to support leaders in creating organizational environments in which everyone can thrive, even as we find ourselves in a period of division and polarized social discourse in the world around us. 

Individual Coaching

​In this deeply relational world, equity coaching supports individuals of all races, genders, sexual identities, class backgrounds, religions, partnered status, parental status, and so on with transforming their relationships to themselves, their workplaces, and their communities. 

Individual equity coaching work includes acknowledging, understanding and appreciating differences and how to be a powerful agent of change against oppression, whether you identify with groups who have historically been marginalized or with those that have traditionally held power. 


Topics that can be covered in equity coaching work include (and are not limited to):

  • Navigating difficult relational dynamics (both personal and professional)

  • Showing up in spaces that are new to you

  • Engaging across difference (at work, in organizing spaces, etc.) 

  • Self reflection and self awareness 

  • Navigating internalized bias and internalized oppression

  • And much more


We are always in relationship with our identities and differences within us and around us. The possibilities are limitless! We look forward to talking about how we can help you.

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