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Training and Education

As we work with businesses, academic institutions, professional and scientific societies, and nonprofits, we take a comprehensive approach to crafting workshops that provoke lasting cultural change. Because considerations vary a great deal by industry and organization, we tailor our trainings to the context in which we are working. Our major areas of focus are below. 

Skills for Engaging Effectively Across Difference

When working to create more inclusive organizations, creating cultures of effective, honest, and open communication is key. This training offers participants skills for communicating effectively across difference, developing common vocabulary, and cooperative approaches to problem-solving. Reflective, identity-based work and skills for self management form a key part of the training. 

Inclusive Leadership

We help organizations shift from functioning in spite of differences to thriving because of them. Our goal is to help leaders create and sustain equitable and inclusive environments where everyone can be and contribute their full selves, 

Trauma-Informed Self & Community Care

In contexts that people into proximity with how unsafe the world is for individuals and groups, we can use an understanding of how trauma impacts the mind and body to develop practices that make the work more sustainable. Whether this is direct service work, anti-oppression work, activism, or other things, individual and group-level strategies can help offset the impacts and help us keep showing up in the way that we want to. 

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