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Clients & Testimonials

Dr. Leena Akhtar is a living example of what she teaches - warm, attentive, inclusive, non-judgemental. The process she facilitates is reflective and insightful, with many areas of practical application. At the end of the day, we all reported that we felt safe and challenged, and had learnt new skills that we can take forward into our lives and into our organisation.​

I learnt from her approach how to better notice my assumptions and use of language that might cause someone to feel excluded; I learnt how to better identify and to support emotional responses, my own and others', so that they are helpful in the group process rather than disruptive and harmful. I was skillfully reminded that messing up is not the problem, it's what I do after I have made a mistake that is crucial.

- Dr. Dawn Garisch, CEO, Life Righting Collective, Medical doctor & author

Workshop participant feedback

You were once again able to create a space where my coworkers and I felt comfortable to be open and vulnerable. Vulnerability is so very valuable in the workplace and makes me feel more understanding and understood. Thank you!

The Greater Us - FINALS July 2018 edit l
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