Coaching for Leadership & Management

When it comes to issues that impact how people with different identities and lived experiences are treated in an organization, leadership sets the tone. This work can include equity coaching on the impacts of racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and the dynamics of sexual harassment, as well as guidance in how to implement effective organizational change around these issues. In addition, we offer disclosure training to help leaders and management understand how to take in and respond to reports, and how to ensure mechanisms for accountability in their organizations.


Our approach is aimed at leaders who are ready for the challenge of engaging in reflective work. We work with senior management, business owners, administrators, and other leaders to help them understand the issues and how to effectively intervene when necessary. Our goal is to support leaders in creating organizational environments in which everyone can thrive, even as we find ourselves in a period of division and coarsened social discourse in the world around us. 


We look forward to talking about how we can help you.

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