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Ellen Morrison, LCSW
Senior Consultant

Ellen Morrison, LCSW collaborates with individuals and groups in catalyzing their efforts toward equity, bringing attention to the analysis of power as a core element of interpersonal and organizational change.  Her work as a DEI consultant is informed by twenty-five years of experience in community mental health, inspired by a lineage of movement work and impacted by an intentional personal journey in understanding her relationship to power and privilege.  
Ellen is a skilled facilitator with extensive experience working across diverse groups in educational, clinical, organizational and social service settings.  Her trauma-informed and relational approach contributes to prioritizing the integration of restorative practices including popular education pedagogy to develop curriculum and facilitate experiential learning. 
She has a psychotherapy practice as well as a consultancy focused on antiracism and is an independent DEI consultant with VISIONS, Inc. and Melanie Tervalon Consulting.  She also serves on the board of Diversity 2000: a non-profit and community dedicated to the development of diverse social justice leaders, thinkers and practitioners.  Learn more about Ellen at  

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