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Strategies for Trauma-Informed Self-Care
Virtual workshop
*more dates coming soon*

Are you doing work where you’re exposed to others’ trauma on a regular basis or experiencing your own? Do you wonder how you’ll keep at it without burning out? Organizing and Movement work can be profound and heartbreaking. It can be challenging in the best of times, and these are no ordinary times.

This interactive session offers practical strategies to help organizers and activists sustain their hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits while engaging with potentially (and often) traumatizing work. These strategies for effective self-care integrate an understanding of the impact of secondary traumatization, as well as the importance of community connection, political action, and organizational support.

The workshop will be facilitated by Leena Akhtar, Yoojin Janice Lee, and Emily Schatzow. The leaders aim to create a space that is emotionally safe for authentic expression. (Please note that this session’s focus is on sharing strategies, not for group counseling or processing trauma.) 
Cost and Registration

*Sliding scale, TBD*


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