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Workshop Packages

Our organizational development work includes: 


Using techniques ranging from brief surveys to in-depth focus groups, listening sessions, and/or interviews, we gather information about the dynamics of an organization. Additionally, we analyze risk factors and take account of how the culture of the industry or field may be impacting organizational dynamics.

Trainings or Workshops
Using the information gathered in the assessment phase, we tailor a training for the organization. In addition to covering the basics of each topic, our trainings focus on cultivating organizational cultures in which problems are prevented from arising and in which participants are empowered to intervene when necessary.


Coaching of Leadership & Management
We believe that leadership sets the tone for effective intervention. Whether it means educating leaders on these topics or simply offering advice as it is needed, we offer coaching as part of our packages and as a standalone product. Coaching topics can include understanding the issues, handling disclosures, and preventing crisis scenarios. 


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