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What Now? Trauma-Informed Strategies for Folks New to Anti-Oppression Work and Action 
Virtual Workshop
Tuesday, October 6th and 13th 5:00-7:30PM EST / 2-4:30PM PT
Sliding scale $35-$150

In the last several years, the United States has increasingly moved into what feels to be a moment of reckoning-- one in which the voices of marginalized people are finally being heard on a large scale and where many others are realizing that silence and inaction are no longer possible or acceptable.


Between the inequities laid bare by the COVID-19 crisis, ongoing protests against police violence, and increase in repressive government policies, many have come to a new (or renewed) awareness of the pervasiveness of racial injustice in the United States. We’ve seen great demand for resources and education, and while resource lists abound, engaging fully in this work entails reflection, working with the heart, and learning different ways of being in addition to becoming more informed. It also demands that we increase our capacity for engaging for the long haul.

Founder & Principal Leena Akhtar and equity coach Jessie Justin are hosting this 2-part workshop to allow folks new to the work to come together, share their emerging feelings and understandings, do reflective identity-based work, and develop strategies for next steps in a supportive community space. The workshop will integrate The Greater Us' unique approach to trauma-informed care of the self, offering strategies for staying engaged in this difficult work over time and throughout our lives. 

Because this is a discussion-oriented workshop, seating is limited. This is a two-part workshop series that will allow participants to take in new information, build connection, and to go deeper into the work during this moment of great potential. 


Please register below and indicate which sliding scale tier you'd like to pay. We will email you an invoice and meeting information. 

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