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What We Do

At The Greater Us, we treat inequity, discrimination, and harassment as community concerns rather than individual problems. We aim to meet the gaps that often exist between good intentions and positive impact by empowering organizations, institutions, and community groups with the tools they need to create environments in which everyone can fully be themselves and thrive. 


Our methods are intellectual and experiential, combining research-based understandings of the issues with innovative, reflective approaches to change. Our work with organizations combines assessments and facilitated trainings with coaching of leadership and management to promote cultures of equity and inclusion. We also offer workshops that are open to the public.


We are dedicated to intervening in and addressing cultural conditions that lead to violence, discrimination, and exclusion, and all of our work integrates a deep commitment to addressing the historic and systemic impacts of inequity. All of our work is trauma-informed, meaning that we take into account the impact of: 

1) living in oppressive systems on people with marginalized identities,

2) historic and collectively-imposed forms of oppression,

3) sustained engagement in anti-oppression work.


Read about our offerings below to learn more about what we can do for you. 

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