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What Inspires Us

Updated: May 22

We are often asked the question why we named our company “The Greater Us.” The name reflects both our approach and our aspirations. There is, of course, some wordplay in the name "the greater us." in one sense, it is about expanding our definition of "us." in another, it's about showing up as the most expansive version of ourselves-- as who we want to be in the world.

The Greater Us is also aspirational. We believe that an expanded definition of “us” is an important first step to addressing many of the issues we are concerned with. In organizational settings, the benefit is clear. Allowing inequities and prejudices from the outside world to replicate unchecked within an organization can needlessly lead to conflict, exclusion, attrition, and low morale. A central orientation of ours is engaging the whole community in the work of equity and inclusion rather than having it be something that happens in a silo, or, as is often the case, only by the people who are most affected by oppression.

We are working toward a world where we all have the opportunity to reach our potentials, and where we, collectively, find ways to do better by breaking cycles of dysfunction.

A better world is possible, and it starts with us.

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